Start a business is one thing but making it successful is quite another. Today, you could lay out the infrastructure of an online business in less than a day. This is because of e-commerce web building tools that have fantastic technology. However, drawing sales to your online store is not so easy. Fortunately, there are proven tactical approaches to an online store that will help bring sales your way.

Find the market first

Many people looking to open an online store make the mistake of starting with a product that they would like to sell. Although this approach may work from time to time, it is likely that you may have a hard time selling if there is a sea of similar products flooding the Market.

A recommended and pragmatic approach is by first identifying the needs in a given market, then crafting a product or a service that presents a solution to that problem. Should you be able to accomplish this, you can go into the market confident that your solution is a problem solver.

The next step is how you will let your market know that you have a credible solution to their problem. This is where having an online store proves indispensable.

Getting started by building your web-store

Now that you have a product or service that fills a void in the market, you can go ahead and create an online store. Make it as simple, professional and functional as possible. The easier your visitors can navigate your website the better. For this task you will find e-commerce web builder platforms such as the below to be helpful:

  • Shopify
  • Volusion
  • Weebly
  • Wix
  • BigCommerce

Once your store running, the next step will entail search engine optimization

Optimize your site

Now that you are online and your product or service is a problem solver on a given market segment, you need to identify keywords that customers are using in searching for this solution.

By finding the right keywords, you can write copy with headlines that arouse curiosity in your blog while addressing pertinent topics using the right keyword regarding the product/service. Also, address how it makes the customer’s life better by solving a particular problem.

This process is called search engine optimization. If done correctly, it will have Google rank you higher in searches. This way you can leverage on the power of search engines to drive quality traffic your way and eventually lead to sales.


In your website, you want to describe what the product does and how it solves a problem. Blogs are an effective way of doing this as are testimonials of customers who have used your product. Make a strong guarantee with a call to action, and it’s more than likely that you will be landing some sales before long.