In years past, starting a business invariably meant that you would have to open a brick and mortar to display your wares and serve as the meeting point where an exchange of goods, services, and payments would take place.

This is no longer the case. The world is more accessible for business thanks to the internet. Whether trading in digital ware such as software downloads, music or physical goods ranging from art to daily use products such as apparel.

Everything can be traded online to local and cross-border markets. You could retail your own manufactured goods or a retail good sourced from other manufacturers. Building an e-commerce website is so much easier today. With a plethora of e-commerce web builders at your disposal, you have the choice to build your unique online store in a matter of minutes or hours at an affordable cost.

What do e-commerce web builders have to offer?

  • Easy web building tools that do not require coding
  • Website building tools that take you minutes or several hours to have your online shop running
  • Integration with numerous payment gateways that make for easy and secure transactions locally and internationally. This includes Paypal, Stripe and so much more
  • Multi-lingual websites that allow you to reach broader markets
  • Integrated Shipping that ensures your customers receive their purchases in a timely fashion
  • Host your site on fast servers with uptimes of up to 99 percent.
  • Mobile friendly websites that allow prospective customers to have a great user experience when going through your online store. They can make purchases through a mobile phone.

If you have a product or products to sell, a well designed, mobile-sensitive webstore could be just what you need to start selling to a much broader market.

E-commerce web builders that you may find helpful

These are some of the best e-commerce platforms that offer value for money when starting a business. This is because they make building your online store so much easier.

  • Shopify
  • Weebly
  • BigCommerce
  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • Volusion
  • Big Cartel

Starting your own business at low cost is now within reach more than ever before.


A decade ago, owning an e-commerce website would mean you would have to spend a fortune.  You can pay as little as $20 a month for a web store that has a professional look, secure payment systems and offers you full control in addition to being reliably hosted.