6 Ecommerce Tips Small Businesses Can Benefit From

How to scale your small business and double the profit? Easy with these 6 ecommerce tips! Read this article and find out more!

The business world can be pretty intimidating for startups and small ecommerce businesses. There is a lot of fierce competition out there and it is not easy to step aside from the crowd. So, to be one step again your competitors have some tips for starting your own business. Websites like eBay and Amazon generate a lot of money and have a better brand recognition that one business owner could dream of. We know exactly what are you thinking – how can I compete with eBay and Amazon.

The first thing you need to do is understand and accept your weaknesses. As yourself, what does Amazon have that I don’t?

Well, Amazon has it all covered from social mentions, links, brand mentions, and more. They have been mentioned by popular websites that don’t even know you exist and they already have millions of links.


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Another thing about websites like Amazon and eBay is that they sell everything. Some online buyers will go to Amazon without searching for other options and as a result, Amazon can sell products without having to market them.

How can you compete with all of this? As long as you follow these ecommerce tips, you will be able to scale your small business:

– Blog well and blog often: Every ecommerce website should have a blog. Today, blogging is not about generating traffic directly but about building credibility and authority. You shouldn’t start a blog to just write information about your products and brand but you should blog with your readers and customers in mind. If you want to add value to your store and set yourself apart from giants like Amazon and eBay, this is the first thing you need to do.

– Design an infographic: Your new blog doesn’t have to be all words and articles. Visual elements and photographs are helpful too as they make reading more fun. While you are blogging why not include infographics and break up your content. The best strategy depends on what kind of products you are selling, however, you can include diagrams and photos of the products being used. You can show how your products work and what they do. Please don’t write boring blog articles and add cheesy PR photos. If you want to maximize your sales, you need to fill the blog articles with interesting and inspiring imagery so that your readers can enjoy reading.

– Create amazing category pages: If you want to double your profit, why not concentrate on making your category pages more interactive and fill them with content? With a little bit of imagination, you can make your category pages more interesting enjoyable to read and perhaps more helpful for customers who aren’t sure what products they need.

– Link to products: One of the best ecommerce tips to follow to double your sales is to link to your products. If you already used the previous tips, your product pages will be amazing which will make your life a lot easier when building links. By doing so, you will give your website more authority.

– Always be up to date: A great way to improve your brand image is to make sure your ecommerce business is always cutting edge. You need to have the latest tools available and report the latest information.

– Test your predictions: One important thing every online seller should be doing is testing his assumptions. The truth is you never know what will work and what won’t so start by testing different positions for images, product descriptions, and etc.

There you go – the ecommerce tips you need to attract new customers, boost your sales, and double your profit!